Support families impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

The Salvation Army is in Ukraine and neighboring countries – providing assistance – right now.
You can give locally and designate funds for Ukraine relief. Click HERE to give.

In light of the ongoing crisis, The Salvation Army is providing hope, healing, and comfort to displaced and affected families and individuals. We are serving those impacted and displaced by the ongoing crisis with food, shelter, and spiritual care.

Where it is safe to serve, The Salvation Army officers have pivoted programs to provide food, clothes, blankets, and emotional and spiritual care to those who have been displaced from their homes and are seeking refuge.

The Salvation Army, an international movement, has a long-standing presence in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Because we are already part of the communities in which we serve, we are on the ground and ready to respond and serve immediately in times of need such as this.

As the Ukrainian conflict moves into another month, The Salvation Army strives to embrace all people and treat them with dignity believing no one should be defined by their challenges or circumstances. In doing so, programs and facilities have pivoted to provide food, clothes, blankets, and emotional and spiritual care to refugees across the countries of Eastern Europe. As of April 6, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports 7.1 million Ukrainians are internally displaced and 4.3 million refugees have fled the country. UNICEF reports 2.5 million of the internally displaced are children.