Kevin and Robyn

Kevin Idol

I’m originally from El Dorado Ar. I love the Razorbacks (Woo Pig!!)And love Arkansas, what a great state we have! Great golf in Central Arkansas…
Started in radio in Shreveport  La, then to KLBQ in El Dorado. Moved to Memphis (Beale street) and WHBQ, famous for Rick Dees!  Then Mornings at FM100, and finally to Little Rock, at B 98.5! It’s good to be back home in Arkansas!!! My wife Christina and our 2 kids, Grant and Kendall couldn’t be happier!

New Co-Host: Robyn Cisar

I was born and raised right here in Little Rock.  I graduated from Central High and went to college at the University of Missouri.  After graduation, I came home with degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  I will always root for the Hogs UNLESS they play Mizzou!  

I am passionate about kids waiting for families.  I wrote informative articles for, chaired Walk for the Waiting in 2016, and have spoken at several foster care and adoption related events.  After an interview about Walk for the Waiting on a sister station, I was offered a job to be on the radio!  I worked on as a News Anchor and report for News Radio KARN for two years, and now I’m here on B 98.5!   

 I am a wife, a mother, an artist and a writer.   My husband and I met working at a daycare in college, so we joke that we co-parented before we actually dated.  We became parents to August Wyatt on July 1, 2017 and life has never been the same!  We enjoy traveling and being mom and dad!  

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Special Show Correspondent – Lisa Fischer
lisa face
Former B 98.5’s co-host, Lisa Fischer, is a regular contributor to Kevin and Robyn’s morning show. We call on Lisa’s expertise for fashion updates, recipes for special occasions and holidays, advice on parenting and grand-parenting, Oscar and Grammy award show highlights and other pop culture events. Be listening for special features and segments with Lisa, each week on B 98.5



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