National Adoption Month- Wrap Families

November is National Adoption Month!  Not everyone is called to foster or adopt a child, but everyone can help!  Robyn shared an idea that anyone can do to help the orphan crisis.  Take a listen and then scroll down for even more ideas!


Here are more ideas for supporting families in your area:
Deliver groceries
Offer to pick up and do their laundry
Bring diapers or clothes when they get a new placement
Mow the lawn
Make a grocery run or run other errands
Pick up kids from school or other activities
Tutor or read to a child
Offer to babysit so parents can have a date night
Donate to someone’s adoption fund so they can complete a private adoption
Offer prayer and words of encouragement!
Celebrate milestones with them!


Teaching Hack

Teaching Hack

Kevin and Robyn discuss one teacher’s GENIUS hack for her classroom! See the hack below: