National Adoption Month Week 2

Robyn was adopted when she was a baby, so this November we’re talking about why National Adoption Month is so important.  On the Kevin and Robyn Show today, Robyn shared a link to her blog where she tells her adoption story, and also shares informative articles about what it’s like growing up adopted.  Here’s an excerpt:

Growing up was definitely interesting through the naïve years of elementary and middle school.  When kids heard I was adopted, they asked me questions like:

What was it like in the orphanage?
Did you have to scrub floors every day?
Where are your real parents?

Those questions were clearly drawn from the only example of adoption that most kids have: the movie Annie.  As a kid, I was offended.  Disgusted even.  I went home and complained to my parents about how the other kids thought I was homeless, and I didn’t know how to answer them with kindness because the only thing I felt toward them was anger.  I thought they were ignorant and rude.  It took me some time, and by time I mean years, but now I actually applaud the ones that asked the silly questions.  I realize now that these were the kids trying to find common ground.  They learn their friend is adopted, so what does that mean?  What did she experience before she came to school?  The word “adopted” isn’t used in their home, so why would they understand it the way I do?

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Teaching Hack

Teaching Hack

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