Crockpot Wednesday: Going Gray for Julie-May 9, 2018



Julie Session is fighting a brave effort against brain cancer.  She was so motivated to help the local cancer centers raise money to fight the disease with her that she started her own non-profit! Here’s the link to her race May 19th. 


Crockpot Chocolate Candy

1 – 24 oz pkgs of chocolate flavored almond bark
2 – 24 oz pkgs of vanilla flavored almond bark
1 – 16 oz jar of salted dry roasted peanuts
1 – 16 oz jar of unsalted dry roasted peanuts
2 – 11 oz bags of nestle milk chocolate or peanut butter flavored morsels
In a large crock pot
Pour both jars of peanuts in
Place 1 vanilla almond bark on top of peanut layer
Place 1 chocolate almond bark on top of vanilla
Place last vanilla almond bark on top of chocolate
Pour in both bags of morsels
Cool on low for 3 hours, then spoon out on wax paper.


National Adoption Month- Wrap Families

National Adoption Month- Wrap Families

November is National Adoption Month!  Not everyone is called to foster or adopt a child, but everyone can help!  Robyn shared an idea that anyone can do to help the orphan crisis.  Take a listen and then scroll down for even more ideas!   Here are more ideas for supporting families in your area: Deliver…